Monday, March 15, 2010

Minimalist Health

As I go along on my MS. Simplicity journey, I realize that I am not alone.  There are others out there holding out their hands wanting me to join the minimalist revolution.  While there are others out there holding out their hands wanting me to help them learn more.  It is a circle.

What I find while working with clients is their desire to live with less stuff, but not so sure on the steps to get there.  We all have so many reasons why we hold onto "stuff".  Here is a bit of insight that I came across.  This is a free e-book that takes minutes to read, but will sit for longer than that in my mind.  Tammy Strobel wrote Minimalist Health  How to Focus on the Essentials and it is a common sense approach to life.  We do have our differences.  She lives car free.....we have three.  She lives in Portland......I live in Fargo.  She has cats (I think).....I have three boys (I think).  But we do have some similarities as we both want people to live a simpler life. 

The change can begin with you today!

What can you live without today (I am choosing to work on my computer without a mouse.  Seems silly I know, but I have more mouse issues then the average person.  When the mouse doesn't work, I become paralyzed.  My computer touch pad and I are making friends today!)

Please leave a comment or become a follower of my blog, let me know you are listening and like or dislike what I have to say.  Believe me I have thick skin.

To Simplified and Joyful Living,

MS. Simplicity

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Anonymous said...

Love the concepts in this booklet. Although here in Fargo it would be virtually impossible to give up a car, many of the other points are attainable. We all have so much stuff, and it is emotionally draining.

Melissa said...

I know, it is hard to imagine living without our cars in Fargo. My husband and I use to only have 1 car and that worked while our children were young. Now we have 3 and I am afraid I don't see us going down to fewer cars anytime soon!

Denise Landers said...

I'm working on more of that minimalist life right now. I've evaluated current priorities, have sold off many of my possessions, am downsizing a home, and moving to be more involved with family members. Simplifying life always feel good. We all have way to much "stuff" and it controls us.

Melissa said...

Denise, family is what is most important and it sounds like you got that figured out. The rest will just fall into place :)

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